What does other snapchatters mean on my story

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We are now in December heading into and there is still no way for users to see when someone deletes or unfollows them. There are dozens of apps for Instagram and other social media platforms but Snapchat does not have this option. One would think that Snapchat would want their users to know when someone unfollowed or deleted them. The original discussion related to unfollowing on Snapchat started all the way back on August 25th, Snapchat 2. We would imagine this will drastically change the of people Snapchat users follow.

What does other snapchatters mean on my story

In December this has become one of the most popular Snapchat articles. Users want to know if someone has deleted or unfollowed them yet there is no way to determine. Well, there is a backdoor method that can prove to be very helpful. below:. This has been a very hot topic as of late as millions of Snapchat users are trying to do the whole follow for follow tactic that was popular on Twitter back in the day.

Once that person follows them and starts to view their story there is a good chance there will be an immediate unfollow. Unfortunately, there is really no way to find out who unfollowed you on Snapchat. The best way to determine if someone follows you is to view their profile on Snapchat and see if you can view their Snapchat score. When you click on a user name and their Snapchat score does not show up it means they are not following you.

What does other snapchatters mean on my story

You will have to do this on a consistent basis if you want to know if someone has recently unfollowed you. I am certain there is plenty of boyfriend and girlfriend drama when it comes to following and unfollowing on Snapchat. If a user is only able to receive chats from people they follow you will not be able to send a Snap picture or text to them once they unfollow you.

I would imagine we will see a few apps coming out that will allow you to see who has unfollowed you or deleted you sometime in the near future. I will continue to monitor this and let you know if there is any way to find out who has unfollowed or deleted you from their friends on Snapchat. As Snapchat gets more popular for middle school, high school and college students almost all users will want to know who follows them.

They will not know simply from the best friend emojis or their own friends list. In my opinion, Snapchat will create a public profile for users to see in Individual users will be able to determine if the profile is public or private but they will be able to see all the s that follow them.

Does it mean that this person has deleted me from their snapchat friendlist?

What does other snapchatters mean on my story

It could mean that they deleted you and then re added you, yeah. If there was no new notification then you might have accidentally deleted them, or it was a fault with snapchat in deleting them or giving you the notification. I even talked to them a bit. On the ride home, I waited for her to respond. When I got notification that someone different added me back, I saw that it said she added me back although she did it the night before. I tried to add her again and snapchat said cannot find her name at the top of the screen.

How to know if a friend has deleted their ? I was snapchatting this girl then we stopped talking, after a few weeks our whole conversation was deleted randomly, and now it just shows the time I added her as a friend.???? I had the same thing happen.

What does other snapchatters mean on my story

Same thing is happening to me. I was talking to someone and we stopped talking and he unadded me so I unadded him back. This person randomly disappeared off of my friends list the other day, so I figured they blocked me. What actually happened? I can still their score and they are on my friends list and I can see their story. Does this just mean they have their on public? Or are they most likely ignoring my story? I have this same problem so i think they took us off from seeing their snaps but they can still see ours.

You still have them on snapchat They probably blocked you from not seeing their Snapchat story. They go on settings and you will see who views your snaps stories and they will block fro. You for not seeing their snap storie. It says we are friends but we have not added each other. So confused. What does this mean? Does it still show when someone you have Unadded snapchats you? This is exactly the same as me??

What does other snapchatters mean on my story

Has he deleted me?? Or is it a one way thing? I viewed someones story last night and it was gone in the morning. Thats exactly what happened to me. Now there Profile picture is gone but i can still see there score. I downloaded snapchat and did the feature that allows people to add you by phone and a bunch of girls added me I have no idea who they are or how they have my but they appear to be located in my area is there some feature that allows people to add you based on location because now my girl is pissed thinking im giving my out, which makes no sense not that many females out there asking for phone s lol.

So I had this one dude on my sc. So I went to his name on my friends list and he was still there. I asked my cousin if the guy had deleted his sc and she said he was currently ing videos. Did this guy delete me off Snapchat? What does that mean???? I want to say they re-added me but at the same time when I go to my added me tab…. This person used to see all of my snaps and I saw his.

What does This mean? Did he delete me?? He will still be in your friends list because you have added him as a friend — even if it was a long time ago. Hope that makes sense. I added this person on snapchat recently and he followed me back. But then recently he has not been viewing my stories and when i read this one, i cant see his snapchat scores already so i thought that maybe he deleted me so i deleted him as well.

So my friend added me on snapchat first so I added them back. I could never see their name when I clicked them just their score 9, but when I clicked my other friends it would show theirs blahblah 19, I guess they unfollowed me huh? What does this mean, did they add me back? I can always tell if someone has deleted me off of snapchat.

What does other snapchatters mean on my story

And the score is under their name instead of beside it. I can still send messages and they send back and I can still view their stories. One of my friends suddenly was removed from my friends list, but I can still see them in my recent snaps. What is going on? Have they unadded me even though I still have them on my friends list?

I can see their stories. Then they appeared on my added me section. What does this mean. Does this mean they have un added me even though I still have them on my list? I was chatting with a friend overnight, and the next morning, his name was gone from my list. I checked my blocked list, added me list, searched his username, nothing. Did he delete his ? Does that mean he blocked me or unfriended me??? And it even says added on my friends list!

What does other snapchatters mean on my story

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What does other snapchatters mean on my story

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What Does “Other Snapchatters” Mean on Snapchat?