Slave humiliation ideas

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The desire and longing to be humiliated and dominated is strong and consumes almost every waking moment. It takes over their life and they need to have a Domme control them. There are many different areas in female domination, as well as a never-ending amount of activities and scenarios that are possible that it can be a minefield. It is also important to keep trying new things and not let things get stale or boring by constantly doing the same activities over and over again. With Pictures, videos and audio clips and new ones added every week so keep checking back. Some will be way over your own limits and some will get you arrested if you try them in the wrong place or in front of the wrong people so be careful and remember to play safe!

You can bet she will require slave humiliation ideas to have to stand up straight as well. They want real men with proper size dicks and they will ruthlessly rip your manhood to shreds. Cumrag, whore, slut, cum drinker, useless, faggot, sissy crossdresser or anything degrading or humiliating. Or makes you wear one with a pigs tail. You must crawl around the floor at all times on your hands and knees. Can only communicate through grunts or she may give you a dogs squeaky toy to squeak once for yes and twice for no.

Collar and lead is a must for this one and walks them around. Crawl around behind her and kiss the ground where she has walked.

Slave humiliation ideas

Lesser beings walk behind their superiors but you must scurry forward and open all doors for her. She can al-o require you to reach for all items which will be awkward for you to say the least. A lot slave humiliation ideas will also want you to have a butt plug up your ass. Best done when you are walking back to the car or almost home. Go to a discreet place and she will make you wet yourself then walk the rest of the way home or to the car in piss soaked clothes. For added effect she can yell at you to not move then she will storm off and leave you standing there with a red face.

Walking back, you will be convinced everyone knows. Even better if you have a hard seat to sit on. Walks off and makes you pay for stuff, drops things and has you pick them up and tuts and rolls her eyes when you speak in front of people.

Slave humiliation ideas

She makes you shoot your load in your pants and leave a big wet patch. Even better with white trousers. Not only that but the man who is screwing your Mistress or wife? Check our post on 25 Ideas for cuckold Humiliation. You need to do it right there under the table or behind the pillar. Check out our post on — Ideas for Chastity Control.

This is where the real fun starts as he can no longer wank but you can tease him, make him watch his favourite porn, make him keep a chastity diary or write about his deepest fantasies, all to get him nice and hard which hurts when in a chastity device. The pressure will put you off as she sits and laughs slave humiliation ideas you as you frantically spank your monkey while she counts down loudly. For it to be even worse, she might make you be squatting. For example, squat down to rest your calves but this puts pressure on your nipple clamps.

Rise to alleviate this pressure and your calves take the strain again. Even more so if it is some of her vanilla friends. Or something worse such as cum guzzler, or slut Sandra. Even worse when they give the money to her and you never even see it. Either a dildo or her strap on. Will they get someone to hold your hand as your scared etc. Check out our Post on 25 Ideas for sissy humiliation. And there you have it. Have you seen anything you like?

Something you want to expand on and make your own, with your own twists?

Slave humiliation ideas

Something that instantly made your cock hard and desperate to try? We certainly hope so, because that means our job here has been a success!. No matter what type of Humiliation you are looking for you can be assured one of our online Mistresses are waiting to explore it with you, from extreme to mild, perhaps using Hypno or slave contracts, they enjoy every aspect of being entertained and thinking outside the box when it comes to thinking up slave humiliation ideas exciting entertaining scenarios for their online session with you.

So many different ways to enjoy when exploring BDSM, both from an erotic side to a more advanced side, introducing new techniques and methods and exploring new things together. I enjoy CFNM and never letting him see me naked but he always has to be naked. Using cam to cam is a great way to go as it helps for the Mistress or woman to be able to watch you carry out all of her instructions and entertains her, even more, when she can see you looking and acting so ridiculously.

This is what makes the whole slave or sissy humiliated a lot of fun for us. Watching you carrying out the most hideous of tasks as we have sex with our husbands or as we paint our nails phone our friends watch tv etc.

Ignore him — I enjoy this one so much, have him sit on his cam spending money on you as you totally ignore him, you can watch tv, chat to other people, have a phone sex session with someone else, paint your nails, do your hair, makeup etc and never speak or even acknowledge him. This can also work in real-time sessions or within relationships.

Continue yelling — Continue yelling at him and have him slave humiliation ideas in front of you as you verbally humiliate them, demand they slap themselves, spit on themselves and tell you what a disgusting little wanker they are.

Make them admit they are gay or a faggot or that they love sucking real man cocks.

Slave humiliation ideas

Boudoir Photo Shoot — Make him book in for a photoshoot but he must wear bra, panties and stockings and book in as a girls name. Peg Him — Peg him with a strapon on and make him shout that he is gay and loves cocks. Big Bow in the hair — Head out for a walk or have him go out for a walk while you are camming but he must have a big pink bow in his hair. Pictures in Vulnerable positions — Make them go into vulnerable positions so you can take pictures and videos of them. Spice it up by demanding they have s on them with derogatory slogans, make them eat cum in these positions, wank in these positions and then show them the pictures and videos after.

Controlled toy — Make them wear a smartphone-controlled toy and then send them out to the shop and you can set it off whenever you want to remind them you are in control. Tie them to a tree — Make them tie themselves or you tie them to slave humiliation ideas tree outside and leave them until you decide to bring them back in again. Fake Tan and bikini Lines — Demand he cover his body in fake tan then lay outside on the sun lounger wearing a swimming costume or bikini. Social Media — Make him write something derogatory and degrading about himself use youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter.

Slave humiliation ideas

Gags — Make them wear a gag and talk non stop makes them drool all over the place and is highly embarrassing for them. Painting slave humiliation ideas Get them to decorate their bedroom using a tiny thin tiny paintbrush but they must have a butt plug up their ass and high heel son and a specified time to complete the task or you will release a picture of them.

Doll in a pram — Put a dolly in a pram and have them take it for a walk and talk to it as if its a real baby. Do they same with underweight people with huge sized clothes. Sex — Having a recording of you having sex with someone else and make him listen to it on repeat all day long. Cheesy songs — Make him listen to the same song over and over and over again with his headphones on. We will continue to add to this list and all of our other lists on kinky ways to have fun on webcam or in the bedroom.

Most of our lists can be done in both scenarios. What are they used for? Slave training — Keep a slave in line and knowing that they know their place, you teach and train them to do perform certain acts, tasks and asments for you. Punishing slave humiliation ideas slave — Correcting disobedient behaviours at all times. Enjoyment — Yes some people really do get a lot of pleasure from any of the acts mentioned above, what one dislikes another just loves.

Satisfaction — Feeling relief at the end of any scenarios. Adrenalin rush — Not knowing what will be coming next or how far you will be pushed in the whole training sessions, being kept on the edge and testing new kinky ideas.

I am a dominatrix of 25 years and have had many submissives in my stables, I am also a lifestyle Domina and married to a submissive male. When we write these articles we can do it in such a way that it covers both aspects of BDSM from the top and the bottom. We will continue to add new lists, new ideas, new methods as well as video, pictures and audio clips. The ideas and suggestions above should always be negotiated and or discussed with the submissive beforehand.

Always remember that to force someone to do something that is out with their hard limits and that they feel uncomfortable with then it stops becoming BDSM. Always remember safe, sane and consensual, You can push boundaries and test hard limits but never push boundaries to the extent the submissive is no longer comfortable and not enjoying his session anymore. Listen to your sub or sissy and then add new ways into the scenario, introduce new methods, have them guessing but most of all enjoy it.

Slave humiliation ideas Slave humiliation ideas

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