Screenshot snapchat nudes

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Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. Sent nudes and scared Watch. Confused about Clearing? Go to first unread. Skip to :. Scared Badges: 3. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 1. A few months ago I would speak to guys on Tinder. Because I'm the complete opposite of a slut in real life I guess it was fun to be a bit of one online.

Guys would ask for my Snapchat so I sometimes gave it exchanging nudes. I sexted a few guys and afterwards would feel really bad and block screenshot snapchat nudes on Tinder and Snapchat. It wasn't until one screenshotted a photo of my boobs that I have never done it again. He said he deleted it and I went mental making him prove he deleted it.

I just got a snapchat from a random asking me sexting questions. I asked him how he got my username etc and eventually he said it was on a 'slut snap and swap' list on Facebook. He asked how old I was, I lied, and he responded that he knew I was lying and my real age I'm He said he didn't know what I looked like but he said 'beautiful' so it makes me think he's lying. I only ever sent nudes on snapchat to people and no one screenshotted besides that particular man, but I know there are snapchat digging apps to get the photos back.

I did send some videos of me masturbating on snapchat but now I'm so paranoid and I don't know what to do. I've tried searching my name in google and nothing comes up. I don't know if its just coincidence that my name was on that site or its because of the Tinder thing, like one of the guys on there put my name on the site. Also my snapchat username as well as my age were in my IG bio now removed so I don't know if he got it from that and is lying?

He kept asking what i was wearing etc and i said leave me alone. He said he wanted to know who he was talking to but he said beautiful and I'm so frightened he knew what I looked like I didn't send him pics this was on the messaging part and he kept calling me a liar. I don't even mind so much screenshot snapchat nudes its just my username and age in the list, but if there is a photo I really don't know what to do. I'm scared people screenshot snapchat nudes see my pictures all over the internet and i don't know about it. I feel sick and I can't believe this is screenshot snapchat nudes, I was so stupid and naive.

Am I overreacting? I wouldn't be scared as Ive not sent nudes directly to people away from snapchat, but what if on the list they used one of my tinder photos? Please help I feel sick. Not what you're looking for? Tsrsarahhhh Badges: Report 5 years ago 2. Delete all social media s and make new ones. Sending nudes to strangers was a bad mistake, you never know who could get a hold of them future employers etc. But I do think you are overreacting a bit, you said you never put your face in the pictures so idk if anybody would be able to identify you, just delete all s to be safe.

RobML Badges: 6. Report 5 years ago 3. Original post by Tsrsarahhhh Delete all social media s and make new ones. Zanscape Badges: 7. Report 5 years ago 4. Original post by Scared A few months ago I would speak to guys on Tinder. Report 5 years ago 5. Original post by RobML Why would someone not employ you for becoming aware of the shocking revelation you have genitals under your clothes? Posted from TSR Mobile. Report 5 years ago 6.

Original post by Zanscape I am so sorry, that sounds like an awful situation. Dont worry, I'm sure theres no photo, when saying "beautiful", he was probably trying to compliment you to get you to send him photos, and you said that your face wasnt in any of the nudes or videos, so if there was a nude up on a website, no one would ever be able to connect it to you.

Report 5 years ago 7. Employers are not going to want an employee whose naked pictures are all over the Internet. For example what if the op wanted to be a teacher in the future, would you hire a teacher who's naked pictures could potentially be viewed by students. SteveDogg23 Badges: 6. Report 5 years ago 8. Report Thread starter 5 years ago 9. Thank you, I understand what you mean I just feel so stupid for having done it. And I was wearing clothes which could be traced to me and my room in the background, I don't know if I'm being too OTT. There were probably titpics with my face in but nothing else.

I sent them to a fair few guys as well, I feel so gross.

Screenshot snapchat nudes

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Snapchat Nudes