Nipple torture ideas

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What's new New posts New profile posts. Log in. Search Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search titles only. Everywhere Thre This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Install the app. Homemade nipple torture ideas. Thread starter Hollyann Start date Jul 8, Tags nipple torture. Forums Kinks Toys, Tools, and Equipment. You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Hollyann Senior Kink Talk Member. Jun 11, 1 As the tittle says I need homemade nipple torture ideas the best idea will get a picture of me or one of my slaves using it.

Sep 13, 5 2 0. Clamp your nipples with binder clips that are connected together somehow a small chain or rope. To the connecting chain or rope, or whatever attach a rope. The other end of this rope should be fastened above you somehow to a hook in the ceiling, over a closed door, etc. Cuff your hands behind your back. How long can you stay on your toes? And how long until you give up and pull yourself away from the torture? For an added thrill, do it outside under a tree or something. Reactions: spkmibtm and Nekhard. Jun 10, 6 1 0.

You will need: 4 chopsticks; 4 small rubber band the smaller the better Put a chopstick below and one above your nipple, so use the rubber bands to squeeze it between the chopsticks; do also for the other one. Reactions: spkmibtm. Mar 24, 4 18 North Europe. With large nipples tie a string around it and fasten it round the nipple then let the string go behind your back and down to your other nipple and fasten it there too. Make sure the string is tight so that the breasts are dragged upwards and feel every little step you take while going out jogging.

Reactions: submissivegal87 and Nekhard. I have small nipples and small breasts so far the only one I can do is the chop stick one The first one I got I only have clothes pins and they kept sliding off So I could not do that one.

Reactions: SwitchAlex Apr 22, 93 65 The string should be about ft long. Get down on your hands and knee's in the crawling position, and have the string running from your nipple down between your legs, so the weighted object is being dragged behind your feet.

You then have to crawl along, causing your nipples to drag the weight. Try moving on different surfaces, such as carpet, floorboards, concrete, etc. Reactions: Nekhard. Apr 18, 10 0 0 Omaha, NE. The first is to take a pair of tweezers any pair will work. Position it over the nipple. The take a piece of string or dental floss and begin to wrap it around the tweezers.

The second is to take 4 small squares of paper towel or wash cloth that you cut and soak them in hot sauce. Then take the squares and place them under any clamp you like so that there is a square on the top and bottom of your nipple between the clamps.

Apr 18, 32 0 0. Click to expand Thank you for the advice. May 6, 3 The most effective method is simply on and off It works best with nipple clamps, but clothespegs or other clamps will suffice. They will almost certainly gasp in pain They will be begging for mercy within 10 minutes i assure you! Reactions: laulau I make them do that anyway. Lucky Lucky slaves Feb 4, 13 1 3. I find that those little weights that you can clip to outdoor tableclothes to keep them from blowing off the table make very painful clamps.

And they have weights attached to them. The ones we have have little metal teeth in them. I don't think you could pull them off without doing damage, but just putting them on is punishing. The picture will be given out in 8 days you have 7 day to submit your entry good luck. Jul 6, 18 1 0. The best idea I have ever seen and once used was a method that makes the sufferer feel obliged to torture themselfs.

Ok so pegs but they need to be tight or crocodile clips although these will be agonising should be tied to rope and clipped onto nipples bound in rope or your own tying method. To the other end of the piece of rope tie something like a tennis ball or ball gag making sure when the ball is in the mouth the pegs or clips are pulled hard causing immense pain. Then simply tell the torturee that they can let the ball drop when they think you think they have had enough pain. When the ball drops the pegs will be pulled of causing a climax nipple torture ideas agony. The idea is that you then say that was not long enough and punish them.

When I did it I made her repeat it nipple torture ideas then when she 'failed' again spanked her till she screamed on her raw tits. Hope you enjoy this, and hope you deem me the winner P. If your nipples are too small for pegs or anything like that use the chopsticks, not sure how much pain will be felt. For added effect we rubben tabasco into the raw skin she didn't like that too much But I did. Last edited: Aug 9, Dec 26, 16 0 0 31 BC, Delta. This one is a little tricky, you need a fan with a reverse on it a clamp and some string, put the clamp on the nipple then tie it to the fan in a way that will make it twist when the fan goes, tying one side to the top of the fan and one to the bottom is usually the best way to do it, drilling a hole in the fan blades and threading it makes it less likely to come off after that just turn the fan on and it will twist the nipples then put it on reverse and it will twist them the other way.

Once I get at least 2 mire ideas I'll start a poll. Jan 12, 30 0 0. There are adjustable clips that slide on the hanger. Move them over the nipples and clamp down. If you want it tighter you can wrap string or rubberbands. Then if you want to increase the pain use the hanger hook to lift things with your nipples until you pull them off. My nipples really want pain right now pls give me more. Nipple torture ideas 5, 11 1 0.

I have a little game I play where I take a bunch of random porn pictures and use that as a sort of a "queue" for nipple torture. This relies on the clamps being connected by something like a chain, personally I use nipple torture ideas clamps for reasons that will become apparent later.

First you need a bunch of random pictures obviously. Along with all those you need to mix in a good amount of random ones that DON'T contain that aka plain and some where those are taken to the extreme like clamps being pulled off. I personally set the time between the pictures to 6 seconds, but you can do whatever you want.

Whenever one of the "plain" pictures come up you can do whatever you want so long as the nipples aren't touched. Whenever one of the "stimulation" pictures come up, the clamps get pulled on so they go tight and tug the nipples up. You can do this by hand, or if you're really in a mood for pain and want to do some DIY you can tie the chain on the clamp to a rope which goes through a pulley on the ceiling to something lightweight you can add weight to.

I think you can see where this is going Every time that kind of picture comes up you add more weight. The constant pressure along with the unknown of when more will be added really just makes it quite lovely. If you're doing the above by hand I normally hold it for pictures total.

So it nipple torture ideas come up on 1 when you see it, and ideally you see it early onthen stay up for another 1 or 2 pictures regardless of content. If the content in the next is another one where it would be pulled up, you add to the of pictures to hold them up.

EX pic 1 is stimulation, the nipples get pulled. Pic 2 is also stimulation, the nipples stay up. Pic 3 is normal, but the nipples stay up because of the counter from pic 2. Pic 4 is Stimulation, so the nipples still stay up, and would only go down if 5 and 6 were normal. For even more fun, normally if I do it by hand I say that any kind of stimulation is stopped while the nipples are in the air.

So it's just pure nipple pain with no pleasure. Then they may get some pleasure only to have it stop suddenly and go back to pain. The whole randomness and not knowing whats next just makes it so sweet. Of course, they can't cum either If you remember I said there was one nipple torture ideas type of picture in the rotation I personally also include nipples being sucked on for extra fun in mine. You may be able to guess where this is going. When one of those come up, the clamps come off

Nipple torture ideas

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