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A group of young female artists pose for each other as nude models. In. Director Barry Mahon. Barry Mahon. Jackie Lamont Nadja Swensen Jean. Top credits Director Barry Mahon. Photos Naughty young nudes Image. Top cast Edit. Jackie Lamont Prof. Marie Lamont as Prof. Marie Lamont. Nadja Swensen Nadja as Nadja. Jean Jean as Jean. Darlene Bennett Darlene as Darlene.

Priscilla Priscilla as Priscilla as Priscilla. Gigi Darlene Gigi as Gigi as Gigi. Sande N. Johnsen Sailor as Sailor uncredited. More like this. Storyline Edit. See models as they pose. Add content advisory. User reviews 1 Review. Top review. The theme is modeling for art class, a perfect if cornball vehicle for prolific pornographer Barry Mahon. Gimmick is that forward-thinking Lamont runs afoul of school prudes when she takes her all-girl class of art-students on weekend frolics at a borrowed mansion or boat ride on nearby lake Lake Champlain?

It's ultra-tame, as the girls have a penchant for taking their clothes off and horsing around. The fans would have enjoyed something actually salacious occurring, but there's no lesbian action and the whole thing seems dated beyond belief relative to being old-hat innot compared to She has to re as a result of the brouhaha.

Lamont, wearing a very phony blonde wig, is a drag -Mahon should have cast a beautiful actress in the role and then could have had her in the disrobing late in the film for some suspense. Script's unconvincing gimmick is that Prof. Lamont keeps leaving the girls unattended, leaving on some flimsy excuse, like a stomach ache or a very boring extended bird-watching sequence on an island. The supposed "terror" of the diving birds attacking her is all in the dumb voice-over -nothing happens at all in this sequence or the rest of the movie.

Something Weird has reissued nearly the entire catalog of Mahon material, minus his rare and thereby sought after Fanny Hill movies. For this DVD-R they used a very lousy print, color faded to pink monochrome, and extremely splicey so naughty young nudes music track keeps hiccuping annoyingly throughout. Definitely one of Mahon's least interesting efforts. Details Edit. Release date October 22, United States. United States. Westport, Connecticut, USA. F-T Productions. Technical specs Edit. Runtime 1h. Contribute to this Suggest an edit or add missing content. Edit. Top New Shows of So Far.

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Naughty young nudes

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