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Stream vs torrents vs megalinks, which do you prefer? s 2 « 1 [2]. What the heck is a megalink? As for your pros and cons, some of them don't make sense. Like, how do torrents not take up a lot of space? What the heck are you even torrenting And I guess IRC could be another option. Had to grab that torrent. Eh, unless it's BD's or such there's not much of a quality difference. Even more so if watching on tabular devices. So really I prefer either or, but streaming is just more convenient for me. I torrent things that I really care about in p.

Megalinks new forum

If I'm just casual watching I will stream. GlennMagusHarvey said: What the heck is a megalink? ComboSmooth said: what is a megalink never heard of it. I pretty much exclusively torrent these days. I really don't find them more convenient.

Megalinks can have some benefits over torrents, especially in countries that are harsh on torrent users, but I never really needed to use them since usually everything I want has good torrent. There is also IRC download that I heard good things about, but I haven't tried it yet for similar reasons. If you are interested in Illya Windows 10 theme or Rainmeter skin that I made please check them out by clicking on the images in my ature :.

For airing anime torrents. Never had problems with these. For older stuff mega is good. For new US tv series I wouldn't download them via torrent. Probably a much higher risk of them trying to pursue illegal downlo which also while using torrent and the ing is a bigger problem. I found xdcc via IRC to be a stable source for these. Megalinks new forum variety 4. Megalinks new forum shows On the go Torrents Cons: 1. Not advisable to torrent obscure and old shows 4.

Less variety. Streaming is just more convenient and I don't have to deal with storage management. It's important to give back to those who create the shows you enjoy watching. Stream if it's an airing anime that I can't wait to watch. Otherwise, I torrent everything that's finished already.

Also because most of torrenting already has p that you can play in a higher quality renderer, whereas streaming mostly only have p without the former option. Always torrent. There's little to zero downsides. Streaming is convenient but I get used to so much using torrent that is kind of a bother using streaming, and I won't even start talking about BS. Less variety for torrents? I've never encountered anything I couldn't find a torrent for.

Sure, some might be obscure, lack seeders, and take an eternity to download, but I still know where to find them lol. I am all the writers megalinks new forum I have read, all the people that I have met, all the women that I have loved; all the cities I have visited. Torrenting is always megalinks new forum easiest. Megalinks are fine too but then you actually need to easily find them first Don't really see the point of streaming in comparison. That's only for people that either have so little patience that they can't even wait 5 minutes after something releases for downloading the file, or for people with really slow internet in which case buffering might become an issue anyway.

Torrenting is the easiest. While Mega links are good too. I prefer both depending upon the situation. Streaming is the worst and is like my very last option. Something I don't do at all. I tend to fly first class to Japan with my trusty translator and watch live broadcasts. It's really the only way to view anime. I'm also filled with pure-hearted ulterior motives. Legal or illegal, all streaming services suck. Inconvenient with bad quality, less variety and if something is messed up, it rarely gets fixed. s expire, sites get shut down. While if you downloaded something it's accessibility and quality is entirely on you.

If you don't like fast subs, you have the option to go with a fansub, if you don't like the bitrate-starved versions, you can choose uncompressed BDMVs. Streaming, first and foremost, as it's the most convenient and easy, you don't have to wait for files to download which can take literally ages via torrents and you don't have to worry about where you're gonna keep all the files since your hard disk space is running out, you see, i, unlike others don't have unlimited GB'S to store anime on my computer.

But so can direct downlo and torrents, so not much different, the internet is just a dangerous place, you have to always be on the lookout. Direct downloading so Megalinks i guess, but i haven't directly downloaded anime in ages, i think i mostly only downloaded anime from a single site that i had found back then and seemed reliable to me, so the risk of getting viruses wasn't as big as it could have been if i had frequented different sites for downloading.

Torrenting is dead last because it's the most cumbersome and slow to download, i remember sitting there for months trying to download a 50 episode anime It didn't help that barely anybody was seeding the damn things, so i had to restart it several times, and oh, yeah, later on i would get antivirus alarms about the program i used to download with, so there's that too. At least i did manage to get both anime fully downloaded, but, like i said, it took ages! I'm level on mal-badges. View my badges. Streaming is shit. The world has really became a terrible place to live in, there's nothing better than the anime world to forget about everything.

Torrents 1. Not advisable to torrent obscure and old shows 2. Privacy 3. Have to use a 3rd party app to torrent 4. Less variety 1 - if you are referring to viruses, I understand, but I am currently downloading "Project Arms" and haven't had a single issue maybe not obscure enough. Because I have several sites that I can use to download every kind of anime along with it's ova, specials and Movies.

The only problem with downloading is that seeders are not always available, especially for the older series. But depending on the site, one can evade seeders and just download without trouble. Less variety in torrent and mega? The best quality you can really get are from torrenting. Very tried and tested. Since I've done streaming and megalinking many times before. Privacy 2 - explain what does privacy have to do with downloading. I usually search torrents on animetosho. The rest are stolen and illegal.

Megalinks new forum

Torrent is a good choice. But i stream since torrent needs a fuck ton of storage. Can delete right after watching, but still got fucked by the server, slow speed. Nurguburu said: Streaming is shit. Had to grab that torrent BBCode. So really I prefer either or, but streaming is just more convenient for me BBCode List of romance anime with actual romance in them List of romance Manga with actual romance in them 'On-Hold' is another way for a completionist to say 'Dropped'.

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Megalinks new forum

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