How to take boob selfies

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Here are 7 tips for taking a successful nude—you can thank me after you get laid. That would be the differences in lighting—it might seem like no biggie, but bad lighting is the one cause of selfie deaths. Most importantly, stay the hell away from florescent lamps. Luckily, they basically follow the same rules as regular selfies. Aim from above or head-on, and only take a photo from below if you want the recipient to be distracted counting your chins. Maybe you do. Also, protip: Unlike what everyone tells you about aging, when it comes to nudes, gravity can be your friend.

I have tricked many a fuckboy how to take boob selfies thinking my tits are big and not three finger-widths apart simply by leaning over and angling the camera downward. Nothing kills the mood like the sight of your middle school retainer and a pile of dirty towels in the corner. Just ask Ross Geller. Flex your abs! Pout your lips! Save your faves to make yourself feel better when your metabolism goes to shit.

Just be sure to do it somewhere super private—people are assholes, and people with internet connections and no concept of a conscience are even bigger assholes. IDK what that means exactly but it sounds super secure so like, maybe try that? If the whole Russian hacking thing has you wondering about the security of your selfies, try protecting your identity with some good old fashioned facial obstruction. Your SO already sees a million photos of your face daily via Snapchat, so your eyes will probably not be missed.

The mouth is the sexiest part of the face anyway, so framing your nudes from the mouth down makes total sense. Guys have a weird thing for seeing girls in their clothes. So a sexy photo with you in his jersey and nothing else could actually end up being a thousand times more boner-inducing than any shot that actually includes your boobs. Plus his giant shirt will make you look skinny, which is always a plus. Take your nudes into the 21st century by making them into a boomerang. Anyway, good luck, godspeed, etc.

Frankenbetch April 14, Make It A Boomerang Take your nudes into the 21st century by making them into a boomerang.

How to take boob selfies

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Here's How To Take Nudes That'll Make You Feel Like A Sex Goddess