Girls on guys sex

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Girls on guys sex

Sex Tips for Girls from Guys Guys, add your suggestions and tips. Girls, hopefully this is useful :. Bold Italic Link Image. It's why we make such a big deal out of you initiating at least some of the time. Girls on guys sex why we make a big deal out of swallowing - it's the opposite of 'oh god I got some on me get it off get it off get it off'. It's why we love it when you snuggle on our chest and absentmindedly swirl your fingers through our chest hair.

Or reach down and run your hand down our cock while still in early foreplay, because you just want to touch us because you can. Most of all, we tend to crave acceptance. Being actively wanted and liked and desired, not just tolerated. That we're fundamentally unpleasant, as though we are at best a guilty pleasure, but more often a chore, like playing with your little brother when you wanted to watch TV instead, and you need to be persuaded, almost coerced into it. It can get to be a pretty hollow victory after a while. If you want to make us happy, keep that in mind. Remember, your body is candy to us.

You may find all kinds of flaws in your body, but we don't, and now is not the time to spoil our enjoyment of it. How'd you like it if the waiter took 15 minutes of arguing and complaining about the quality of your meal before he agreed to give it to you, or insisted on smothering it in ketchup so you wouldn't taste how bad it was? Leave that shit at the gym or somewhere, ffs. Don't just lay there!!!!! Do something, anything really. Moan, move, grind, grab my ass or back. We love being pampered a little because it means you enjoy pleasing us for its own sake, like you enjoy making your cat purr this applies even to non-sexual things, too.

We love being stroked and kissed and nibbled and nuzzled and generally treated like we taste like chocolate and feel like new socks. Again, when we've moved on to penetration, tell us what feels good for you. Am I going too fast? Too slow? Tell us! Surprise me with lingerie. Randomly decide to vacuum in it, cook me dinner whatever. Lingerie makes everything sexy.

Girls on guys sex

Kiss me. Sure men have the whole male bravado thing going on, but we like to be kissed as much as you. Let us know what feels good for you.

Girls on guys sex

This isn't the time for us to be mind girls on guys sex. I would much prefer you to tell me to change something than you to pretend it's going marvellous. Remember, we want to satisfy you, help us out for your sake. When you do come, don't be embarrassed if you are too loud or if you think you might sound weird. If you are thinking too much you will usually lose focus and might not climax. Also, the guy thinks you are hot no matter what you sound like.

Just as food porn never includes sesame seed buns and nobody's mouth waters for deep fried potato, when your SO doesn't have his fap folder he isn't fondly recalling that one batch of photos he found last September, he's thinking of last Thursday with you and the way you just lifted your skirt and pulled down your panties rather than going all the way to the bedroom.

But the point is that he's breaking through a shell of inhibition holding back a tide of burning desire, not that he's wearing your reluctance down to apathy. The absolute worst things a man can hear or pick up on as a vibe in bed are "oh ffs, very well", or worse, "get on with it, then".

Please don't just lie there. Please ask for what you want, or grab what you want and put it where you want it. But by all means, break off being pleasured in order to grab or squeeze or lick or suck or bite or stroke; the idea of you touching us being a source of active pleasure to you is utterly mindblowing. The emotional aspect of sex is just as important for us as it is for you. We may have different specific approaches and needs, but the principle is the same.

If the emotional side isn't fulfilled, it's not much fun.

Girls on guys sex

I'm basing this entirely on years of masturbation; we don't do it like handjobs in porn, which just like any other kind of porn sex, looks better than it is. When your boyfriend jerks off he has no goal beyond the physical sensation. He wants to get from here to there and then go on with his day. Generally speaking, he's looking to do this as fast as possible and he isn't dwelling on what got him there. He doesn't anticipate leading up to it and he doesn't dwell on it afterwards. The tits and ass the sodium and fat are exaggerated to get the job done. Treat our penises like you want us to treat you clit.

Maxxters advice in the other thread was to stimulate all of it. Penises work much in the same way. Don't stop just when it's getting good. How would you feel if you were on the brink of orgasm and we stopped to make out instead?

A lot of women tend to be self conscious when they are on top. They somehow think they aren't very good. If our penis is inside you it is generally good. If you don't know what to do think of our penis as a dildo. Your very own penis that you can do whatever you want with.

You know your body better than anyone so you know what is going to hit the right spot. While it's great to be desired for what we can do for you, it's even better to be plain old wanted for our body, like we want you.

Kid in a candy store - oh wow, this is all for ME? Where do I start? Aww yeah, I want some of this over here! Random gropings make me feel sexy: Grab our ass at the supermarket. Kiss my neck for no reason girls on guys sex. Sneak up behind me, wrap your arms around me and slide one hand down my pants, while I'm cooking dinner. If it feels good on you, it probably feels good on me. Kissing neck, inner thighs, back, etc. Actually, I don't think there's a spot on my body that your mouth or hands can't make feel good.

Be confident, don't be insecure. If girls on guys sex think your thighs need a little tightening, that's fine but if I just told you how sexy I find your legs, this is not the time to point out that you don't see them like I do. This is the time to revel in the fact that your man finds yet another part of you to be pure hotness. If you must reply which is not required the classy response is "thank you" or compliment me back. We men like to be complimented and feel sexy too. When we're just cuddling or laying there or whatever, feel free to touch me, anywhere. If you just want to put cup your hand around my balls while we snuggle, go for it.

We like to feel wanted and sexy as much as you do. Let me know when I'm pleasing you during sex. I don't care if its a simply "you feel so good inside me baby", some steamy dirty talk or you moaning like a porn star. Right after sex, I'll fall asleep. I'm sorry, I know it's stupid. It's very hard to resist doing so; I'm wired to do that. Lick the damn balls.

Girls on guys sex

You know how you ladies always say don't go straight for the clit on concentrate only on the clit? Yeah, our balls are really sensitive and when they get licked it feels incredible. Also, nobody expects you to lick hairy balls, get the guy to shave them.

Mix up the 'usual' by adding something new - my favorite starter? Pop in an ice cube before giving head. It's unexpected and feels great. Exploring little fun things like this can lead to bigger and better things. Wohoho mama. Porn is fast food, you are fine dining. Fast food is 3x the fat, 4x the sodium and all of the filler you need to feel slightly uncomfortably full. It is no-nonsense, getting full, hopefully not feeling too guilty afterwards. When it comes time to eat and fast food is on the menu it really doesn't matter where you go so long as it is fast and they are calling it food.

It's cheap, girls on guys sex and forgettable. Gourmet food is healthier, balanced, subtle flavors. It is something you spend the day anticipating and then recall fondly until the next time you get to go out. It is subtle flavors, ambiance, something to take your time with and linger over. It is an event. Sex with the SO, and what it takes to make that hot, is nothing like jerking off and requires hardly anything the same. Sex is worth the anticipation, something to take your time with and something to recall fondly. It is healthy, balanced and full of subtlety, nuance, care and attention.

Don't be self conscious about your body.

Girls on guys sex

Sure you might think you have imperfections but the guy is usually too busy thinking 'OMG a naked lady! A good BJ is more than just bobbing your head up and down. You need to actually SUCK. And use tongue. A lot of tongue. Similarly, one of the absolute biggest turnoffs and buzzkills in existence is a woman getting all ashamed of her body during sexytime. It's horrible; actively unpleasant. It's sudden miserable almost passive-aggressive hell in a time that's meant to be exactly the opposite, like dredging up some chronic fight at the start of what was meant to be a special romantic dinner.

We're getting punished for something we didn't do, we don't get to fulfill the desire we do have, or we wouldn't be asking for your body, and you're so utterly wrapped up in yourself it's clear desire for us is absolutely nowhere in sight.

It's almost as much fun as a tax audit. If we are in a position where we are doing most of the work and you feel like you aren't doing anything here's a few things you can do.

Girls on guys sex

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