Fun things to do with cum

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First of all, please check out our older article: 31 Days of Cum Shots. If you go to the photo gallery every single day has a story. That was definitely a fun and a creative way to turn my husband on. I believe there was another day where my husband came inside me and then took a spoon to scrape up the cum that spilled out of my vagina and spoon-fed me. Very intimate and fun. Speaking of mixing body fluids, you could try a vagina cocktail. Sometimes I will hold his cum in my mouth and he will stick his dick back into my vagina and start fucking me again.

He is multi-orgasmic. The whole time he fucks me, he is looking down at fun things to do with cum while I play with his cum in my mouth. Exactly as he orgasms the second time I will open my mouth and let him see me swallow his first load…. Every time we have sex, getting to see my husband orgasm is my goal. I work just as hard to make him cum dirty talk, moving in sync with him, etc. And that is such a turn on to me. Sometimes I stick my finger inside his anus and rub his prostate.

Right before he ejaculates you can literally feel his whole prostate swell up and harden. The cum stays inside this beautiful walnut inside his anus, and you can massage it the entire time he releases. In fact, he will release much more cum when you do this. And more cum means more to play with! Sometimes he will ask me to keep his cum in my mouth as he he out to work.

He will let me know he is going to call me once he is on the road and tell me when to swallow. So when he calls, I can barely talk because his cum and my saliva have really built up…. Try using his first cum shot as lube for anal! After he cums, that is something entirely different. He will then use his own semen as lube for anal sex and fuck me again. This actually feels amazing because there is nothing close to using actual semen as lubrication.

It nearly takes away all friction and makes for an extremely pleasurable experience. Sometimes he will just cum inside me and clean my insides with his tongue. We will kiss afterwards and make out with our juices everywhere. If he cums on me, I get to put on a show. I love him watching me when I clean myself up. I like to reassure him that I love his taste and that his sperm is my favorite spice. When I am done, I will lick my fingers clean. Straight from the source. That way nothing is wasted. Before I actually swallow, l blow bubbles, gargle, or slurp it between my lips so he can watch me play with him.

So when he calls, I can barely talk because his cum and my saliva have really built up.

Fun things to do with cum

To know he is in my mouth and I am waiting for him to call me and tell me to swallow while he is driving to work. You have to be creative. My husband is multi-orgasmic. Exactly as he orgasms the second time I will open my mouth and let him see me swallow his first load. As he orgasms, instead of his eyes rolling back or him losing focus, he is paying close attention to everything I am doing with his cum in my mouth and his load.

His second orgasm is purely based off the excitement of what I am doing to his first. Imagine in a matter of seconds, swallowing a mouthful of cum as you feel a penis twitching inside your vagina. Moments later, you feel your ass being stretched as he nearly dry heaves a third load into your body. Instead of swallowing, I let him look down in my cum filled mouth and stick his dick back down my throat.

In other words, his cum becomes my throat lube as he fucks my mouth for a second time. Just recently, I discovered a new kind of cum play that really drives my husband wild The first time we ever did it is actually in the article ly mentioned, you can see the story here: January 8, Cum Shot. We start out face-fuckingand as you may or may not know, when a man cums and his dick is plunged deep into your throat, the semen goes straight down and you cannot taste or feel anything.

Fun things to do with cum

But here is the twist: instead of being all the way in me when he cums, he will pull out of my throat and fill my mouth up with his first huge cum shot. In other words, his cum becomes my throat lube as he fucks my mouth a second time. I absolutely do not swallow to make sure his whole cum shot covers his dick as he again fucks my throat.

After a few seconds, I can feel his hard wet dick drive so deep in my throat his ball piercing and crotch grinds into my teeth. This time, instead of pulling out, he unlo his second cumshot deep in my throat, I can feel his urethra pipe on the underside of his shaft twitching on my tongue and his balls spasming on my lips. I can also watch as anus tighten and loosen with each release. Afterwards, the semen from both the first and second orgasms are pushed down my slippery, well-lubed throat. Is money more powerful than love?

Let him cum onto a mirror. If you want to be cute, take a credit card and shape his ropes into a long line. Glide your nose across the mirror and sniff his cum like he is a drug.

Fun things to do with cum

If you do it right, you can open your mouth when you are done and show him all the cum you just sniffed. And then swallow him as well…. Simply ejaculate your man into a shot glass and add kool-aid or water to the glass. Put a small toothpick through a small piece of paper that you lay on top of the shot glass so it stays centered and put the shot glass in the freezer. After a few hours, you can either use the sperm ice cube in an adult drink and enjoy your man later, or let him use the ice cube on your nipples and vagina as foreplay the next time you want to spice things up.

If you want to get extremely creative, mix his cum with water and make an ice dildo. Much like the idea, save his semen in the freezer so you can use it later. Rather than leaving it ice, warm it up to use as lube. No, his semen will not go fun things to do with cum. There is nothing on earth that is a better lube than his semen. Whether it be for a night you plan anal, an intense vaginal session, or just a sexy hand job. Or if you want to get real nasty, pour his warmed semen all over his penis and give him a blow job.

Much like my stories above, you can blow his mind tasting his cum the entire time his new orgasm builds. If he is multi orgasmic, you can do this in a single sitting. If he is not, simply have fun things to do with cum cum into a shot glass and let him know you want to save it for later. Trust me, he will let you. Great idea, especially if you both are already drinking and get a bit horny. You can turn it into a game if you like.

If you can make him cum faster than 10 minutes, he has to take the shot. Just go down on him and give him a blow job. Make sure you have a shot glass handy. When he is about to cum, stroke him off into the shot glass.

Add some rum and take the shot. Yes, you can actually hack it up from the back of your throat back into your mouth. And then swallow him. For me, this clears my sinuses. This one is a bit extreme, but we enjoy it. We called it a sex cocktail because it deals with a lot more than just cum.

However, cum is an ingredient. First you give each other oral sex. Make sure you give him extremely sloppy head so his entire shaft has that deep saliva, that only comes up when you gag all over him. This is your lube and a key ingredient to your sex cocktail. He should also eat your pussy and make sure he digs his tongue up into your hole. You also want to be as sloppy as possible. You can also both spit on his during sex to make sure you have enough saliva ingredient inside you.

This is optional, but if you squirt or can control your urine, pee a little and let him do the same. I will squirt throughout the session to make sure I add my flavor. My husband has a bit of trouble peeing while erect, so he will stop and concentrate for a few moments and just fill me up with his urine. He will then stick his dick back inside me and fuck me until we both cum. At the end of the session, we should have double saliva, double urine, double cum, and my vagina totally full of all this flavor.

I will get up and we will 69 each other. I get to taste myself on his dick, he gets to drink the cocktail out of my body. The taste of his cum on your meal will not ruin the flavor. What it will do is elevate how much your man loves you and thinks about you. Take a serving of his cum, throw it in with an ego, fry it.

Scrambled eggs and sperm. Maybe even throw some ketchup on it if you want to get crazy! Goals right? For some of us ladies who actually do enjoy the flavor, it just makes our food better. Win, win. Your man loves watching you swallow him right? So how about he watches you drink an entire coffee, for a span of 4 hours, slowly swallowing him and your morning coffee. This is something we did as one of my 31 days of swallowing cum years ago.

But it was so fun I still do it every now and then just to tease him. The classic facial. Sexy huh? Well, how about you save his cum one morning and store it however you like.

Fun things to do with cum

Whether it be plastic bag, a sippy cup, or whatever tickles your fantasy. Later in the day, call your husband while he is at work on Facetime and give him some…well, face time. Let him know you have his morning cum and let him watch you drip it down onto your face and mouth for him to watch. Chances are, no woman has ever done anything like this for him in his life. Well, be that woman. Ladies, this is about making memories.

Fun things to do with cum

Do you think he will ever forget the time you called him at work over Facetime and gave yourself a facial with his morning cum 8 hours later? Imagine the possibilities of a long distance relationship and saving his cum during a visit, so when back home you can turn him on again, while also enjoying him when you miss him the most. If you want to be even more creative, there are a lot of new toys where you can play with each other long distance.

Most of these toys use your phone to function. Originally Published on: Sep 12, Hey there, read your post and wondering what other fun things you would suggest that I can do with his cum after he finishes.

Fun things to do with cum

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