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Size 0. Your lips but better! Outlast 2 Step Custom Nudes by CoverGirl offers comfortable wear with a moisturizing feel for up to 24 hours. Explore a range of nude shades for all skin tones, formulated to enhance your own lip color. This is the third time they have discontinued my colors,I liked mango mango,thats gone now and are gone. Bring them back. I tried one of the new colors I don't like it. It feels tacky on my lips and my lips now are dry and flaky.

The original stuff was great. But this new formulation is tearing my lips apart; and they certainly aren't "kissable" anymore. Bring back the old formula, please! I stopped at ulta yesterday to stock up on lip colors and I saw these and I loved how it said 24hrs. I decided to take four different nude colors. Along with those I bought a lip stain from lime crime and one from Buxom I came home and decide to swatch these colors on my wrist ALL of the lip products I bought fit the color of the packaging so I was pretty happy with that I took a bath and scrubbed my wrist with Dove body soap and only the lip products by Covergirl survived!!!!

I tried some on my lips after my bath, and I was really impressed at how well they lasted. I am honestly SUPER shook that these cheaper more affordable products worked better than the fancy pantsy Buxom or lime crime lip stains. I will definitely be purchasing different colors. Super in love. Loved the color, the way it stays on and the way it feels. If you want some shine, put the gloss stick on - it's not gooey or sticky, but I didn't feel like I needed it.

Put it on, let it dry don't rub your lips together! This product is a must have!!! I was looking for a perfect nude Lipcolor and this is it!!! I'm a nurse and a mom, it's truly 24 hr lipcolor. The price is fantastic and the product is amazing. I really like this lipgloss and custom nudes stays on all day! The only thing is that the color runs custom nudes pretty fast. I really like these lipsticks.

Especially while taking a mask on and off all day. And this color is a pretty light pink. Great everyday color. The only thing I notice with all of these stay put lipsticks is they dry my lips out. Every night I use Two Faceds lip recovery and it seems to help. But this lipstick stays on and I really think it's pretty. Ordered spiced latte appears like a brown nude but in person it's a purple grey color.

Very disappointed. I have used lots and lots of lipstick brands over the years I just turned 50 but I always come back to this one. I believe the trick to wearing this is use as little of the liquid colour as possible, use a brush for precision. Make sure you wait a couple of minutes before applying the glossy top coat. I swear, of all the long wear lipsticks I have ever used this product is the one that not only lasts the longest but the one I get most compliments on. Really loved this one. I remember when these types of lipsticks first started they would crack as the day went on and flake off.

These do not. It does get dry looking but I just reapply the glass it came with and it looks great again. This color was too dark for me. It's gorgeous but I'm very pale with freckles. I ordered the blush color and could not be more happy it's gorgeous. So if you have darker skin this color will be amazing on you.

I wear lip color all the time due to some pigment issues on my lips. The color is good and very natural looking. The problem with this product is that it fades and comes off easily. I don't have that problem with some other brands. I got shades plum berry and brazen raisin and I love them!! Very pretty, deep, fall and winter colors and they stay on so well.

The glossy balm is moisturizing and a nice touch. I want to get more colors! If there is any moisture on them at all it won't last, but if you apply it to bone dry lips, it will last until you take it off!! I use the covergirl clean makeup remover I've had late nights and a few glasses of wine :P where I haven't removed my makeup before I went to bed, and I wake up with this still on my lips. The color itself is very dry, but when you use the included moisturizing topcoat, it feels just like any other moisturizing lipstick except this one will not rub off!!

I got this lipstick because one of my girlfriends raved about it. When I tell you that this lipstick doesn't budge! I've used this product for years. I drink alot of tea water coffee and it's still there for hours. This lip color lasts all day. And I especially like the moisturizing stick which is included. It supplies the moisture which is needed to keep my lips from drying, but won't cause the lip color to diminish.

I love this lip stain. I have used it for years! I have tried many other more expensive brands and have always gone back to this one. It lasts all day, and even into the night without re-applying. It doesn't dry out my lips, or feel sticky like a lot of the stains I have tried. There are lots of color choices, with plenty of natural looking shades I wear with my daily make-up. The first time I tried this product I just thought it was okay, since I wasn't crazy about the color I bought or the fruity custom nudes of the balm. The second time it had me smiling, custom nudes.

And by the third time I was in love and flipping through new colors in the app! My only caveat is that I've found this is not truly all day, at least on me, though it does last a good several hours and leaves a nice tint to the lips even after that. I also love that the balm is separate from the lipstick, so I can throw it in my purse. Not only that, I can purchase the balm separately, since I'm sure to run out long before I hit the end of the lipstick! A definite plus over Maybelline's two-step superstay, for all I do love that product too.

I actually prefer Maybelline's balm, simply because it's unscented, but they don't sell it separately. Just a warning that the balm did melt a little when I kept it in my pocket in our Arizona summer. Probably better to keep it in a purse or drawer, and definitely wouldn't recommend leaving in a hot car. Have had face mask-related lipstick issues lately so I decide to give this a shot. My mom is a loyal fan and has used it for years but I never gave it custom nudes thought until now.

It lasted better than I expected even after wearing a mask over custom nudes. Pleasantly surprised. Find a Store. Gift Cards. In. Toggle Menu. Outlast 2 Step Custom Nudes. Color: Nude Nude. Details Your lips but better! Benefits America's 1 long-wear lip color Advanced formula, with resilient, brilliant coverage, color, and shine Gives you up to 16 hours of color that stays true, in just 2 easy, breezy steps Moisturizing topcoat that helps lock in shine - no feathering, no bleeding Cruelty Free.

Product Reviews Rated 4. Most Helpful Critical Review SO disappointed in this new formula It feels tacky on my lips and my lips now are dry and flaky. Reviewed by customers so good 5 live love laugh from new york i love it! Mask proof food proof all day color 5 SKay from Texas Loved the color, the way it stays on and the way it feels.

Must have!!! Love it 4 Mila from Nc I really like this lipgloss and it stays on all day! Beautiful color 5 Candi from California I really like these lipsticks. Inaccurate Color 1 Poor color from California Ordered spiced latte appears like a brown nude but in person it's a purple grey color. Stays on well and doesn't flake like some 5 Candy from California I. Moms go to 5 Eshaw from Nc I bought this lipstick for my Mom. She won't wear anything else! Great color but not long lasting 3 Gardengal from Salem OR I custom nudes lip color all the time due to some pigment issues on my lips.

Such a good lipstick!! Best long lasting lipstick on the market. Louis Missouri This lasts all day. Can add gloss to it and color remains all day. BEST long lasting lipstick ever!! Love the coverage 4 Joannie from Maryland enjoyed the color I will buy again. I do not like it. It goes on very thick and looks leathery. I love this lip stain! Lasts most of the day. Purchase shade Probably my 6th purchase. Pleasantly surprised! Use your imagination. Ew 1 Kat from Ew Custom nudes.

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