Bestiality forum

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Bestiality forum

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Bestiality forum

Skip to :. Anonymous 1. Report Thread starter 8 years ago 1. I found out today that my boyfriend has a bestiality fetish. I'm not exactly sure how severe it is but he was showing me horse videos and telling me how much those got him excited. Well, I'm totally fine with that as I am a very open minded person when it comes to this as long as he doesn't try to exert certain fantasies on me that I don't find arousing or comfortable.

The thing is that, after showing me all those videos and us having a somewhat kinky conversation about all that again, I was fine with it, I was merely participating because I know it would make him happy and I didn't have an issue with anything although it wasn't arousing on my endhe asked me if I was upset because he felt bad that he encouraged me to participate in the conversation and he knew that he is very weird.

I had absolutely no problems with that, obviously because part of a healthy sexual relationship is being open to my partner's fetishes at a comfortable level. He has had difficult relationships in which his exes made him feel horrible for bestiality forum weird fetishes and I don't want him to feel bad for having them because everyone's different and it doesn't make him a freak just because he gets aroused by unconventional ideas and thoughts.

But the thing is that, as much as I am open to pretty much anything, I acknowledge the fact that bestiality fetish is something out of the norm and I'm unsure how unhealthy it might be for him in the long run and if I should try to 'help' him in any way. Thoughts and advice, anyone?

Not what you're looking for? Truflais Badges: Report 8 years ago 2. Keep an eye on your pets. But seriously, urm, as long as it is just a fantasy and he doesn't want to actually intend to commit any sexual acts bestiality forum animals.

Bestiality forum

Surely he knows it isn't exactly bestiality forum to have those feelings? Mad Vlad Badges: Report 8 years ago 3. Original post by Anonymous I found out today that my boyfriend has a bestiality fetish. Report Thread starter 8 years ago 4. Original post by eliza. Report Thread starter 8 years ago 5. Original post by Mad Vlad It's a pretty unusual one and it's not a great one to have. Remember that images and videos in this category may be illegal under s. If you wish to support him, I'd recommend that encourage him to channel his urges in a more conventional manner and see how that goes.

Report 8 years ago 6.

Bestiality forum

Juichiro Badges: Report 8 years ago 7. Original post by Anonymous Thanks for the he up, I appreciate that.

Bestiality forum

He's not crazily obsessed bestiality forum it, we just had a conversation or two about it, he was pretty respectful of my boundaries and he made sure to ask if I was upset about it after that so I suppose the fetish hasn't really got a strong grip hold on him and his life as it isn't affecting any part of his life negatively really. How would you suggest I can help him to channel his urges elsewhere? Report 8 years ago 8. Caedus Badges: Report 8 years ago 9. I just hope he's not willing to plunge through the depths of degradation in order to fulfil this fantasy of his.

Architecture-er Badges: Report 8 years ago Original post by Anonymous I haven't got any pets His fetish is more like imagining girls with animalsnot really having sex with animals himself. He is well aware of his fetish being weird but he just had a rough past and that kind of induced him to develop weird fetishes. Original post by Architecture-er Yeah that isn't a good thing Basing this off of an autobiography by a forensic psychologist, called "The Jigsaw Man", which provides an amazing insight into how sexual deviants can suffer from increased urges, sometimes culminating in serious crimes.

Not saying that's where he's going - but it's not something I'd look for in a partner. SnoochToTheBooch Badges: Original post by Anonymous x. Report Thread starter 8 years ago Original post by Mad Vlad No problem. Well, that sounds positive that he's not too crazy about it. Perhaps talk to him; be honest and bestiality forum that you don't find this sort of thing stimulating in the slightest, but perhaps find out what it is about bestiality that attracts him and figure out if there are congruences between this and other fetishes that might be a little less edgy?

Animal roleplay, perhaps?

Bestiality forum

Better still, find out whether there's something mutually interesting that you can both enjoy? What the It's one thing being open minded, but it's a better thing to grab a suitcase and leg it the hell outta there. Mankytoes Badges: 8. People are being so harsh, he can't help this any more than a gay person can help how they are. People really need to understand a sexual fantasy is just a fantasy, to say people who have them must be dangeroud is like saying kids killing hookers on GTA will end up doing it in real life.

Hi, I appreciate everyone's comments and advice a whole lot, thank you for taking the time to post But I'd just like to stress one thing that I feel is very essential because everyone keeps assuming this: he does not have urges to have sex with animals or getting me to do that.

As far as his fetish goes, he merely enjoys watching videos and pictures of girls and animals and having thoughts about that at times. Also, would like to point out that he feels very guilty about even sharing that with me and I want to be as accepting as possible because no, I don't find it sick because different people have different fetishes, it's not up to us to judge if it's 'correct' by society's standards.

He's already felt so abused because of his past that made him develop weird fetishes that I just can't bear to open up another wound and tell him he's weird and abnormal when the last bestiality forum he needs is someone telling him that. Just needed to put that out there. Bestiality forum post by HopefulMidwife You're a great girlfriend. Like you said, part of a healthy relationship is accepting each other's fetishes. Unless he's hurting you or animals, it's his fetish and that's okay. Everyone is different and it's not 'wrong' just because it doesn't turn us, or you, on.

Bestiality forum

Original post by Mankytoes People are being so harsh, he can't help this any more than a gay person can help how they are. Hopple Badges:

Bestiality forum

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