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All rights reserved. He used plenty of lube was was still pretty thick even though he loosened me up. I endured the pain as I wanted him to enjoy it as well. I still practice anal sex and since it has become my preferred choice for penetration. Tried it once. Why do men honestly think we are that stupid, and that we would allow it because it was an "accident". The first time was painful for me, too. In the years since, I have grown to love it as much as he anal.

forum. It was quite painful but no more so than the first time I had intercourse. Eventually things stretch and the pleasure outweighs the pain! My first time was extremely painful. I was 18, just starting my first Freshman semester and got hooked up with a 22 year old senior. He talked me into trying anal for a few days until I finally gave in. Even though he knew exactly what he was doing, lubed me and him up, loosened me up by fingering, and went extremely slow, it was still anal. forum painful! A few days after my first time I thought I'd give it a go and this time wasn't nearly as bad and somewhat more enjoyable and the act gets more enjoyable each and every time.

My first time was with a long term bf. We were having regular sex and he said he wanted to fuck my ass. I was really horny so I let him. It felt gigantic when it first went in but once I relaxed I was ablt to enjoy it. I certainly didn't know what Anal. forum was doing but have perfected my technique since. Wish I new about lube back then I was 18 the first time I had anal sex and it was with an older gentleman.

He started with one finger, and went very slowly. He then moved to two fingers, still just as slow and gentle. He asked if I was ready and after a few more minutes of fingering he inserted. He went slow and gentle the entire time as he could tell it really hurt me. After we finished I felt accomplished and a few days later we tried again and this time went a little faster. I have enjoyed anal ever since then and am glad I opened my mind and let my self lose and free into trying it.

Anal. forum

NaughtyZoey wrote: The first time was painful for me, too. My fiance then professor just slipped it in during a 3 sum when I first had anal sex.

Anal. forum

I cried but i took it while giving his colleague head. It hurt but I stood there, bent over in nothing but heels getting it from him. My first time was really enjoyable Live for the moment and have no regrets. My first time doing anal was during the summer before my freshman year of college.

I had just graduated high school and ran into one of my old high anal. forum teachers at the mall one afternoon. We grabbed a pretzel and walked and talked a little bit before he got the nerve to ask me if I'd like to get dinner with him later that evening. We went to dinnerve and after went back to his house where he talked me into having anal sex.

It was the most amazing pain I had ever felt. I wanted it to stop but keep going at the same time. He knew what he was doing. My anus was so extremely tight that it felt awkwardly amazing having his decent sized pens thrusting in and out of it. I was in anal. forum the entire time and I'm not quite sure how long it lasted but it seemed like hours, though it was more like ten to fifteen minutes. My first time was with my ex. He did not know what he was doing and was not gentle at all. It hurt like hell and I swore I would never do it again.

My partner that I have now changed my mind about it and has opened my mind to many things including anal. I feel like it has bonded us in a very special way. My only regret is that he was not my first anal experience. Got married to an awesome guy few years later and he was dying to try it. Very different this time, nice and slow, plenty of teasing Now I like it almost as much as regular sex!

The firwst age 18, He just pushed the head in and started cumming. Later he managed to get all his cock in me. It felt great and I make it a part of my lovemaking as often as possible. Well I remember my first anal experience vivedly.

He wasn't huge but it was a nice thick 8". I sucked him a little, then he lubed it up and it was so painful, but I was confident some pleasure would come, and I got way more pleasure then some. I'm enjoying reading and comparing to others, hope people enjoy reading this x. It was painful to be honest. I mean the guy was 8 inches and used a lot of lube but it was still pretty rough.

So the first time wasn't exactly the best time but after that it got much better and now I can take any size. My first time did not just happen, once I decided I want him in my ass he spent days preparing me physically and mentally.

Still, there was some pain the first time but not enough to make me want to stop. I've tried it a few times - didn't think it was too painful but Anal. forum don't like the sensation that I need to poo. I don't mind being touched there - like it even, just no penetration.

My first several times was with the woman on the left. She used one, well several of her toys on me. They got progressively bigger.

Anal. forum

I was laying on my back and first she rimmed me for like 15 minutes as she held my legs so my knees were by my ears. First her fingers then her toys. She had a hard time getting the smallest one in because I was so tense.

Anal. forum

By the time we were done I couldn't believe what she was using. Most intense orgasm I ever had. She licked my clit as she slowly used it on me and I swear I passed out from the orgasm. She said later, I was making sounds I never had before and my voice got much deeper. Also as long as she kept licking me and using the toy, I seemed to keep cumming.

Anal. forum

I don't really remember much of this other than I couldn't move for about an hour afterwards I was so wiped out. This only happens in that position and I was very quick to teach my current bf the trick. Not to often though because as I said, it really wears me out. Once or twice a month at most we do it. Any women know what the hell is up there that anal. forum being hit that does this to me? This is my ex not me. Bf and I share. Well one of my bf's has been teasing my bum with his finger and using our juices and lubricant to lube it up.

At first he just rubbed it with his finger and then one time when I was just about to cum he pushed his finger inside a little. I was too far gone and exploded and he wiggled it around and it really made it incredibly intense. Since then he's anal. forum using lubricant and pushing his finger in deeper and deeper each time. So far he only inserts after I'm already aroused from his tongue and fingers.

I can't imagine his cock, which is almost eight inches, getting inside, but he's being very patient and just using his finger so far. Now I really like having his cock inside my vagina and then having him push his finger up my bum when I'm close to cumming. I remember my first time pretty well I was with an older man and we had been getting together for about a month at the time and one day while he was eating me out he slipped a finger into my anus.

I didn't push it away, nor did I think anything of it. He got me in doggy position on his bed and started eating me out from behind, he slipped his middle finger in again and after about a minute or two he opened his night stand and got out some lube. He stopped eating me out, pulled his finger out and slowly poured the lube on me at the top of my butt, letting it run down and catching it right at my anus.

He slipped his finger in with more ease and eventually put two fingers in. After maybe 5 minutes or so at least that's what it seemed, probably longerhe grabbed my hips, pulled me closer and slowly guided his cock into my anus. I never told him to stop because he could just feel my body movements. Even though it was extremely anal. forum and painful the first time, I really enjoyed it and saw the potential for a lot of pleasure in anal sex.

Anal. forum

I am nervous and not sure I am ready to try anal sex. It is on my to do list for so by Dec 31 the deed will be done.

Anal. forum

I am debating if I want a guy to do me or one of my girfriends to deflower my asshole with a strapon. I just need more info on what other women thought about before they surrendered their anal virginity. Help Me Decide! First Time Anal Sex. Posted: Wednesday, April 27, AM.

Anal. forum

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